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Behind the Lense

Behind the Lense – The Get A Dunlop Project

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Where do we begin? The idea behind the video came about months before shooting began. We finally locked down a date with Adam, Feld Entertainment and Supercross Live to make this video come to life. Fast Forward months and we arrive in Seattle Washington to shoot this project at the Monster Energy Supercross. Our day begins Friday, Whole Foods, Adam’s Favorite spot for breakfast in busy downtown Seattle. As we finished up and headed to the CenturyLink Field reality hit our crew that this shoot was going to be titty city! Walking into the venue is unique and not typically do you have all the factory race teams parked inside. Immediately the smell of fresh supercross bikes, race gas and brand new dunlop tires filled the indoor pits. We began scouting and setting up for the day as we had a tight schedule to get our shots in and planned around Adam practicing and racing during this event. Wait?! What?! Did you say he was racing and shooting a music video?! Why yes I did! Can you say action packed??!! With plans in hand the day started off amazing, getting credentials, gaining full access to the stadium and private escorts from Supercross live to get us in those tight spots few have access to. As shooting began is was amazing walking around the track itself, surrounded by every factory rider, team manager and every possible camera we felt right at home. with 30 minutes to spare we gathered up a few big names to shoot our intro, Josh Hill, Alex Ray, Tyler Enticknap, Robbie Wageman and of course the 722 himself. With 5 minutes of practice these guys nailed down their parts just before the rain came in. Flawless, Fun and tons of work day 1 was in the books. We settled down in our room Adam booked for us (Gotta make sure we are in a room where they are selling drugs next door all night so those creative juices will flow) and began our plan for day 2. Whole foods, Coffee and our crew back at it for day 2. We had most of our shots but today was going to be insane. With 75,000 people in the pits, stands and Adam racing while shooting a video we had to nail our shots. Especially the one right before the 250 main event on the start line, We had 2 takes, 5 minutes to shoot and nail the line. If you notice Adam is holding a speaker as it was so loud he couldn’t hear the music he was suppose to sing to, so he bossed up and gave us the shot of a lifetime! This project was a blast, from shooting Chad Reed in the JGR rig to having Justin Brayton fishing a fresh Dunlop tire out of a BullFrog Spa and even a personal encounter with Eli Tomac and Jason Andersons bikes! We nailed our shots, made some laughs, sweat way too much and came home with one hell of a story for Kreation Films. Until Next time Dunlop –


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