Dirt bikes

FCA Colorado Motocross Camp 2019

For the first time on Colorado soil the fellowship of Christian Athletes held its first annual motocross and off-road camp. Joining the event was nine year old Romeos first official outing away from home.

Arriving at the camp you begin to see a pattern of tired parents, who more than likely spent the previous night getting their kids ready for the adventure to come. And bunches of kids all flocked together pushing past their nervous demeanors because they all have one thing in common. They’re excited. It was easy to spot the kids who were new to the fellowship, even easier to find an open heart willing to welcome them in.

In the days to come you could hear the kids referring to their huddle leaders as “moto parents.” those who were shy were now masters of “ga ga ball,” and the nine year old boy who braved his first time away from home, found comfort every night in the words of the chapel.

Once on the track, you can begin to understand why the campers refer to their huddle leaders as “moto parents”.
Each ride began with a quick work out and some words of encouragement. As you watch the campers power through new territory you can hear coaches cheering to those riding by and boasting to one another about how great their kids are doing. Then the inevitable happens and a rider goes down. You see a flock of coaches rushing to help them up but it’s too late… a couple other campers have already helped up the rider and they’re all back on the track pushing to beat their latest lap time.

On the last day of camp the room no longer felt like a bunch of strangers finding the common denominator. There were campers huddle together to say their goodbyes, numbers exchanged between new friends and hugs all around. because even though we all entered this spiritual journey individually everyone left with a place in the FCA Family.

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