Dirt bikes

Kickstart My Heart

When You think of Dirt bikes, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Well For us, dirt bikes is where we all started. From waking up everyday as a kid to go ride your new bike in 2 feet of Colorado snow, to spending weeks on end in preparation for the bike race coming up. Kickstart My Heart started out as a passion project for Spencer Luczak, His dream to build an all out Badass fire breathing, race gas eating, Premix loving Kawasaki KX125 became all to real once he got his had on this 2004 KX125 barn find. “It was rusted, the chain didn’t even move, the swing arm was locked up” but it was the bike Spencer was after. Fast Forward 3 years, over 300 man hours, Countless phone calls, emails and about $30,000 later this is what Spencer and his team came up with. Roxanne. Roxanne is sexy, sophisticated and mean. When we saw the bike being built on Spencers Instagram a simple “Hey we should film this” comment started the whole video behind Project Kickstart my Heart. We assembled our team, packed up the truck and headed off to Park City Utah where Spencer and his family reside and not only that but we were in for a treat upon arriving. After hundreds of man hours, loads of sand, Gallons upon Gallons of diesel fuel we pulled up to what I can only describe as “Heaven on Earth” or as some might know as Flying Iron Horse Ranch. Some of you may have seen this track before in video edits but it never compares to being there in person. It was a rider/film makers dream. Every inch of this place was perfectly manicured for our shoot. So it began, Planning the shots we wanted, Getting a game plan together and enjoying this slice of heaven. As Saturday morning rolled around Spencer brought Roxanne to the track for its first time she ever hit dirt, not only that Spencer was genuine and let our rider for the shoot Derek Anderson have the first ride on Roxanne ever. Stoked with joy, Derek was the perfect candidate to pilot this mean machine. Shooting was easy, Derek killed it on the machine and even may or may not have ended up blowing out a corner and going over the berm into a ditch. Non the less it was a supreme treat to be apart of Kickstart my Heart. As the day ended of shooting, Derek crushed it my team crushed it, Spencer, his family and his team went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined for a video shoot. Thank you to everyone involved and enjoy Project Kickstart My Heart!


Video Production: Jason Leeper, Kasen Schamaun, Skyler Kramer

Gallery: Shane Wilkerson, Skyler Kramer

Bike: Roxanne

Rider: Derek Anderson

Owner: Spencer Luczak

Track: Flying Iron Horse Ranch


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